Way to play the Heardle wordle

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Heardle is a fascinating and captivating game for music enthusiasts to test their knowledge of music

In the Heardle, each player receives one daily challenge. Everyone has six chances to correctly guess it is music from Soundcloud. One game with many of these features is Wordle, which is widely used. We need to learn about the special rules and features of the Heardle game right away. 

You can enter a song you believe to be the solution in one of the six boxes on the Heardle app. But neither word guessing grids nor even a keyboard to enter letters are present. The traditional green-gray-yellow color scheme is not used to present the game's clues. In practice, the game gives colors little to no consideration. So how exactly do you identify the music with only six guesses, you might be wondering.

The first 16 seconds of a song contain hints about Heardle wordle. The purpose of these hints is to keep the player interested and informed. You can try to get another piece of the music in exchange for a clue if you need one. But you can't carry out both tasks at once.