About Zomi Community Network
Zomi Community Network is a Social Networking Platform. Zomi khempeuh khat leh khat ki thuzaktuah nading khawlmun hi.

Zomi Community Network

It's where Families get reunited, Friendship is Nurtured and a new Circle of Friends is found. After all, it's more than a Network!

Zomi khempeuh munkhat ah kituah in holim khop theih nading deihna tawh hong kibawl ahi hi. zomi.net pen 2001 in kipan a, email service @zomi.net leh website service, social network leh mipi phattuamna aom theih nading deihna tawh aki pankhia ahi hi. Zomi khat nahih leh, zomi.net pen nangma a zong hipah hi.