China Desulfurization ValveChina Desulfurization Valve

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China Desulfurization ValveChina Desulfurization ValveChina Desulfurization ValveChina Desulfurization ValveChina Desulfurization ValveChina Desulfurization ValveChina Desulfurization Valvevvv

China Desulfurization Valve Desulfurization valve flange is one of the most popular products produced by our company because of its stable and reliable performance. It is widely used in large-scale waste gas treatment, CS2, H2S waste gas recovery projects. The valve body is designed by three-dimensional finite element analysis, so its pressure deformation is good. The valve plate on the valve seat adopts an integral structure, and the special elastic device with multi-stage sealing ring firmly set on the valve body can realize two-way pressure action, which can prevent the valve plate from loosening. The product has good structural stability to prevent the interlayer on the seal from falling off due to the corrosion of the medium and improve the service life. When the sealing element is repaired or the sealing surface is damaged, it allows quick replacement to improve maintenance efficiency and save maintenance costs. Features 1. The lower end cover is bolted to the valve body, and the middle is sealed with flexible graphite gasket or PTFE gasket. This design enables the valve stem to play a regulating role, while effectively preventing external dust from entering the self-lubricating bearing and plug. 2. The upper and lower ends of the valve stem are equipped with self-lubricating bearings, which can effectively reduce the friction torque and make the torque of the valve stem open and close flexibly. 3. The end of the self-lubricating bearing is equipped with a dust-proof gasket, which can effectively prevent the dust in the pipeline from entering the bearing and blocking the self-lubricating bearing. 4. The valve rod and the valve plate are in interference fit, and are closely connected with the valve plate through the taper pin. 5. The upper packing of the valve stem can effectively prevent the medium from falling out of the valve stem under pressure and damaging the valve sealing performance. It can also prevent external dust from entering the self-lubricating bearing to affect the flexibility of the switch. 6. The desulfurization valve flange has a high-performance three eccentric structure valve to enable the valve plate seat and sealing surface to be quickly separated from the end. They have almost no friction, which reduces the switching torque and makes them have a tighter capping performance to meet the operating conditions of zero leakage sealing performance. The sealing surface material adopts special technology to effectively improve the performance and service life of the sealing surface.China Desulfurization Valve website: