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The compact yet powerful mini tractors available in India



The compact yet powerful mini tractors available in India cater to the needs of hobby farmers and small landowners. These mini tractors are not only affordable but also offer excellent returns on investment, making them a popular choice in the Indian agricultural sector. With a budget of around 5 lakhs, you can find some of the best Mini tractor models that provide a perfect blend of performance, versatility, and affordability. For more information on mini tractors, tractors in general, small tractors, and tractor prices, you can visit


Some of the top mini tractor models are inside your price range:

1. Swaraj 717:

When it comes to farming, having the right equipment can make a significant difference. The well-known brand Swaraj in the agricultural machinery market provides the small-farm friendly yet potent Swaraj Mini Tractor 717.

The Key Features of the Swaraj 717 Mini Tractor

  • Equipped with a powerful 9 horsepower PTO with 6 splines and live hydraulic PTO linkage, with a rated RPM of 540.

  • The engine's performance is enhanced by oil bath-type air filters, ensuring longevity and dependability, making it an excellent choice for small farms.

  • It is a full-sized design with a 1490 mm wheelbase, a weight of 850 kg, and a total length of 2435 mm, made for farmers' and operators' ease and comfort of use.

  • A single clutch for simplicity of use, a single drop arm steering column for manual steering, a hydraulic lifting capability of 780 kg, and automatic drift and draught control via a three-point linkage are some of the key features.

2. Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT:

Mahindra's tractors are known for their dependability, and the Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT is no exception. Indian farmers can acquire this 15 horsepower mini tractor for less than 5 lakhs. This tractor is a highly adaptable and compact model powered by a single cylinder.


Let's examine some of the Mahindra Mini Tractor Yuvraj 215 NXT's main features and advantages:

  •  Compact Design: The Yuvraj 215 NXT is compact, making it ideal for small and narrow fields. Its small size allows it to maneuver easily in tight spaces, a common challenge for larger tractors.


  •  Engine Performance: Despite its small size, this mini tractor boasts a robust and fuel-efficient engine. The engine's power output is well-matched to the tractor's size, ensuring efficient performance while minimizing fuel consumption.


Versatility: The Yuvraj 215 NXT is designed to handle various agricultural tasks, thanks to its compatibility with a range of implements and attachments such as plows, cultivators, rotavators, and trailers. This versatility enables farmers to carry out tasks like plowing, tilling, planting, and transportation with ease.


  •  Operator Comfort: Mahindra Mini Tractor prioritizes operator comfort. The tractor features an ergonomic design, comfortable seating, and user-friendly controls, ensuring that operators can work for extended hours without fatigue.


  • Affordability: The Yuvraj 215 NXT is competitively priced, making it accessible for small and budget-conscious farmers. Its affordability is essential for those with limited resources looking to modernize their farming practices.


  • Hydraulic System: The mini tractor is equipped with a hydraulic system that allows precise control of attached implements. This feature enhances its efficiency and productivity during various farming operations.


  • Easy to Operate: The Yuvraj 215 NXT is designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate, even for those with limited experience in tractor operation. This accessibility makes it suitable for a wide range of farmers.

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