Magnetic Wall Mount Tablet

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For a magnetic wall mount tablet solution, you can use magnetic mounting systems designed specifically for tablets

For a magnetic wall mount tablet solution, you can use magnetic mounting systems designed specifically for tablets. Here's a guide to set up a magnetic wall mount for your tablet:

Select a ipad magnetic wall mount System: Look for magnetic mounting systems that are compatible with tablets. Some options include:

MagBak: MagBak offers magnetic mounting solutions for tablets, including iPads. Their mounts consist of thin magnetic strips that attach to the back of your tablet, allowing it to magnetically attach to any magnetic surface.

Scosche MagicMount: Scosche's MagicMount series includes mounts designed for tablets. These mounts feature powerful neodymium magnets that provide a strong hold for your tablet on any magnetic surface.

Wallee Magnetic Wall Mount: The Wallee system offers a magnetic mounting solution for POE iPad Wall Mount, including iPads. It consists of a magnetic disk that attaches to the back of your tablet and a corresponding wall mount that securely holds your device.

Prepare the Wall: Before installing the magnetic mount, prepare the wall surface by cleaning it and ensuring it's free of dust and debris. This will help the mount adhere properly.

Install the Magnetic Mount: Follow the iPad Wall Mount with power manufacturer's instructions to install the magnetic mount securely onto the wall. This may involve using adhesive or screws, depending on the specific mounting system you've chosen.

Attach the Magnetic Component to the Tablet: Attach the magnetic component of the mounting system to the back of your tablet according to the manufacturer's instructions. Make sure it's positioned securely and centered to ensure a strong magnetic connection.

Mount the Tablet: Once the magnetic mount is installed on the wall and the magnetic component is attached to your tablet, simply place the tablet onto the wall mount. The strong magnets will hold the tablet securely in place.

Adjust and Test: Make any necessary adjustments to ensure the tablet is level and properly positioned on the wall mount. Test the stability of the mount by gently tapping and adjusting the tablet as needed.

Enjoy: Once everything is set up and tested, you can start using your tablet in its magnetic wall mount configuration. Enjoy the convenience of having your tablet easily accessible while freeing up valuable table or desk space.

Make sure to check the weight capacity and compatibility of the magnetic mount with your tablet before purchasing to ensure it meets your needs. Additionally, consider any additional features you may need, such as tilt or swivel functionality, depending on your intended use.