Zomi Nam Ni 2013 Press Release


The 65th Zomi Nam Ni Celebration 2013

(Zomi National Day)


New Delhi, January 19, 2013


Zomi Nam Ni falls on 20th of February every year since 1948. To mark the 65th anniversary, there will be a grand celebration of the Zomi Nam Ni (Zomi National Day) on February 20, 2013 in Thyagaraj Stadium, New Delhi.


In a Joint Meeting on January 18, the Zomi Youth Association (ZYA) Delhi Region, Zomi Economic Planning and Development Agency (ZEPADA) Delhi Working Group, Zomi Human Rights Foundation (ZHRF) Delhi Cell, Zomi Students’ Federation (ZSF) Delhi Cell and delegates discussed the upcoming Zomi Nam Ni celebration in the national capital city.


Zomi Namni 2013 Celebration Committee


Chairman                   : Biak Lun Shoute

Secretary                    : Upa K. Thangzalun

Asst. Secretary           : Nanglian Kham

Finance & Treasurer            : Manthianching & Hatngaihvung

Executive members:

  1. Vumsuan Naulak
  2. Bruce K. Thangkhal
  3. Dr. L. Lam Khan Piang
  4. Kham Min Thang
  5. S. Hauliankap
  6. Philip Thanglienmang
  7. Lalminlun
  8. L. Khupminthang
  9. Gin Sian Lian Pau Naulak
  10. Haumuanlun Samte
  11. Steve Kid Valte
  12. K. Thangpi
  13. Dr. Kamkhenthang Gwite
  14. Thanglemlian Vaiphei

A Symposium on Challenges and Opportunities facing the Zomis is scheduled on February 19 in SSS-I Auditorium, Jawaharlal Nehru University. The one-day Zomi Nam Ni Football Tournament will also be organized on February 16.


The Day is observed as a day of Deliverance, Love, Peace, Unity, Political Retrospection and Remembrance of the past history of the Zomis worldwide.


Issued in public interest,


Information & Publicity

Celebration Committee

Zomi Nam Ni 2013

New Delhi

ZNN 2013 Newsletter, Issue 20 No.201.pdf

The 65th Zomi Nam Ni Celebration is going to be held at Thyagaraj Stadium, New Delhi on 20 February 2013. The Celebration Committee and its sub-Committees have been making every effort and leaving no stone unturned to make the event a resounding success. Tasked with the (un)enviable job of preparing the best ever Zomi Nam Ni Celebration, the Program Co-ordinators have been brainstorming, deliberating and debating among themselves to make this celebration a unique and one-of-its-kind event. Full details of the program are being worked out and will be finalized shortly. Following are the highlights of the program:

· Prayer for Zomi Nam- All Zomi pastors in Delhi
· Welcome Address by Pu Vumsuan Naulak, President, ZYA, Delhi
· Keynote Address by Pu L.B.Sona, Chairman, Zomi Council
· Display of Zomi Traditional Dresses
· Showcasing of various Zomi Cultural Dances
· Speeches from Chief Guest and Functional President (names yet to be finalized)

These items will be interspersed with renditions of zawlla, gam ngaihla, etc by select Zomi artistes from Lamka and Delhi. These select artistes and the professional band of musicians are guaranteed to make the crowd go mad and screaming for more, leaving some with tears of joy and nostalgia! Make sure you are there, coz you wouldn’t wanna miss having the time of your life!

-Programme Coordinators
Zomi Nam Ni 2013 Celebration Committee
New Delhi



Chairman: Biak Lun Shoute
Secretary: K. Thangzalun
Asst. Secy.: Nanglian Kham
Finance & Treasurer: Manthianching
: Hatngaihvung

1. Executive members:
1. Vumsuan Naulak
2. Bruce K. Thangkhal
3. Dr. L. Lam Khan Piang
4. Kham Min Thang
5. Philip Thanglienmang
6. Th. Lalminlun Vaiphei
7. S. Hauliankap
8. S. Khupminthang
9. Do Khan Khai
10. Gin Sian Lian Pau – Programme
11. Haumuanlun Samte – Media & Publicity
12. Stevekid Valte – Music & Sound
13. K. Thangpi – Video Coverage
14. Dr. Kamkhenthang Guite – Accomodation

1. Manthianching & Hatngaihvung
2. ZYA President
3. ZHRF Chairman
4. Philip Thanglienmang
5. Chinzason Hangsing

1. Gin Sian Lian Pau
2. Thanglemlian Vaiphei
3. Joyful Tonsing
4. Siampu Thomte
5. S. Hauliankap
6. Ginthanlian Valte

1. K. Thangzalun
2. ZYA - DR President & Asst. Secy.
3. K. Ginkhanthang
4. Chairman, Celebration Committee

1. Vumsuan Naulak
2. Philip Thanglienmang
3. Khaibiaklian Zou
4. Thangkhansiam Naulak
5. Lam Hanghal
6. Sata Neihsial
7. David Sukte

1. Haumuanlun Samte
2. Eunice Tombing
3. Phunglianpau Thangsing
4. Kailallem Duhlian
5. Lamboi Suantak
6. Thangzasiam Paite
7. N Chinsum
8. Ninglun Hanghal

1. Bruce K. Thangkhal
2. M. Lamlun
3. Khawmlal Vaiphei
4. Zamlianmang Samte
5. T. Thanghnun
6. S. Khupminthang
7. L. Thangsuankhup
8. D. Kamkhanmang

1. K. Thangpi
2. Johnlal Guite
3. Malsawm Tunglut

1. Stevekid Valte
2. P Thanlian

1. Dr. Kamkhenthang Guite
2. D. Kamkhanmang
3. Nehzamang Simte

11. 19th FEB 2013 PROGRAMME
1. Dr. L. Lam Khan Piang
2. Thangkhanlal Ngaihte
3. T. Kaithang
4. Salvador Baite
5. G. Swan Za Lian


Union Minister(s) from the Government of India and high profile politicians, MLAs and MDCs from Manipur, distinguished Leaders from the Zomi Council as well as heads of various apex organisations of the Zomi tribes will grace this celebrations with their presence.

Celebrated Lamka artistes aren’t giving it a miss either!

An Intellectually stimulating symposium on ‘Challenges Facing the Zomis” will he held on February 19, 2013 at SSS-I Auditorium, JNU. Dr. Kamkhenthang Guite will present a paper on the Economic Challenges and Opportunites, while Dr. L. Lam Khan Piang and Dr. Vumlallian Zou will chair the talks on the Socio-Cultural as well as Political Challenges and Opportunities facing the Zomis respectively. Noted speakers on the occasion will include Dr. Philip ThangliEnmang, Pu Dal Sian Pau, Pu K. Zou, Pu Vungzamuan Valte, Dr. R. Sanga, Pu N. Neihsial, Pu Kaihau VaipheI, Pu K. Guite, Pu K. Vungzamawi Pu Khamkhokam Guite and others.

Free Parking Labels for two-wheelers and four-wheelers will be distributed in every Zomi church next Sunday for the Nam Ni. In case you intend to bring your own vehicle, make sure you obtain a copy of this label, without which no parking would be allowed inside the Celebration venue.

Free transportation – pick and drop – will be made available for the public on February 20. Adequate number of buses will be engaged to ferry all Zomis in the NCR from selected pick-up points. Detailed information will be notified in due course.
For any suggestion/queries contact:
Bruce K. Thangkhal | 9999397620
Reception, Ushering & Transport Group

"Whether Zomis shall sink in or swim across the storming sea of the modern world will depend on their ability to unify the scattered Zomis here and there into one single family or one nomenclature on the basis of their blood relationship and ethnical oneness… The word Zomi is not so selfish as we, who are still the slaves of selfishness…When we like to come under the name Zomi we can think of bigger aims, bigger plans as our American brothers do under the common name of America."
- Pu T Gougin

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