Microsoft Office 2010 Activate bawlna & bawldan

Office 2010 Activation and Conversion Kit 1.6 – Activator
Microsoft Office 2010. This activator lets you easily activate Office
2010 Volume License (VL), as well as convert Retail in VL and then
activate using emulation server KMS. Works with x86/ x64 versions of

1. Transformation in Retail Volume License (VL)
2. Activation of Office 2010 (Using KMS)
3. Manual activation (without installing the service KMS)
4. Zero the counter trial Office
5. Adding a working key for the installed Office
6. Removing a previously installed key
7. Checking product key
8. View the status of activation
9. Adding licenses

What’s New …
* Enchanced the GUI
* Improved the Activation Success ratio
* Improved Script Behaviour

Download Here Office 14 Activate bawlna.exe

Activate bawlma lim lahna (A sung ah "Product Activation Failed" cih laimal a tung lam a sanzeza na mun ah hong suak ding hi).

Activate i bawl khit ciang in a tung a laituisanelh om nawnlo hi.

Download Here Office 14 Activate bawlna.exe

A kingahlo leh a lemlo a om leh kikum to lai ni.

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Comment by Taang Sianpu on September 27, 2010 at 10:18pm
Kei a te zong kana activate leh lem mahmah ta ei.
Tested and working fine a hundred percent :)
Comment by moemangsen on September 27, 2010 at 10:17pm
Hih nong share theih lungdam mahmahei lawm. Inntunciang nasinpah ningei.
Comment by §ʋѦ¶♪Δиɢ on September 27, 2010 at 1:59am
Thanks a million

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