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Testo E Force Stay on top of your overall diet and your water consumption when trying to add muscle to your frame. Staying hydrated is always important, but it is even more so in building muscle since up to 70% of muscle mass is water. Make sure that you are not drinking too much alcohol as well, because this will start to break down your muscles tissues at a fast rate.


Health Related….…


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Christian Movie Online

Netflix a zang te in ih theihsa hi a, Tapidaw te ading a bawl ngiat ahi ah upna hong khansuah pih ding leh hong kipsak thei ding video hoih tuamtuam om hi.

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Newsletter Vol. 4, Issue 1, azom_Pages 6-8


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Newsletter azom Page-3-5


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SRBA Newsletter Vol. 4, Issue 1

Pages 3-8 om…


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Odin tawh Phone Root dan ding Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 pen Official 4.3

                                        Zomi U leh Nau te Khat peuh in phattuam na 

     Ding a hih khak leh ci in a tom in hong gen ning,

   1.A masa in na phone bang cih ding …


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Zo Lendung Aksi pi Rev.Dr. Cin Do Kham

Rev.Dr. Cin Do Kham luangthu tawh kisai aman lang thei pen in thu om bangbang nong suah sak manun Zogam a om Zomi ten a ngim, atawl Zomi makai te tungah lung dam hong ko ung.

Zomi te Aksi pi (Rev.Dr. Do Kham) ka muhna

Zo Len mualdung pan hong suakin,

Zogam le Zomi te tungah hong tanga,

Ni tumna lam mualdawn khat pan hong tumsan vat..

Zomite Aksi pi (Tung se-al) hi ci ing ee...

Lunglau kei ni Zomi te aw...hong hangsan un...

Ih tung se-al, hong…


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Zotaang Construction & Trading Company Limited

Sezang Khuami USA a teng, Pu Gualnam suan Pa Thang Lian Pau(Zotaang) te innkuan in Yangon khuapi laizang ah June 13, 2013 (Thursday)  ni 6:00pmhun in "Zotaang Construction & Trading Company Limited" honna leh signboard suanna No. 260/262, 1st Floor, 40th Street, Upper Block, Kyauktada Township ah nei…


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Internet Access Corner: An Extended Program of Tonzang Youth Library

Call for Donation

Program Description

The program “Internet Access Corner” is an extended program of Tonzang Youth Library, which is a self-support community library in Tonzang. The program will focus on providing sets of computer and basic computer training in order that the people may have a pathway of getting the latest up to date information of the world and social…


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Tonzang Youth Library: Intensive Learning toward Community Development

Laibusaal Kipatna

Tonzang Youth Library pen Rev Tuan Khan Mung ii makaih vaihawmna tawh 2008 kum April sunga khualetui ading veina le deihsakna tawh a na kihong laibusaal ahi hi. Mailamah khualung vai a geel a hawm ding tulai khangthak khangnote in lai…


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Android Phone te Myanmar Font

Download--->Frozen Keybord



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Zola Mp3 Free Download/Play

Zomi MP3

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ZO leh ZOO tawh ki sai

Ei zoomi te pau pen,ih pau leh ih aw te in,ih laiat zia te,ih puah ding,a ngaihsun te tawh,ka ki muh na te ong hawm sawn nuam ing.

Tom khat kong kupno leh kong gennop ah,ZO leh ZOO pen,ih minam min ah,Awtom leh Awsau ih gelh zia:Zo pen,Awtom hi aa,zo=Na ka sem Zo hi.(hih mun ah awtom a hihi.ZOO leuleu teh,Awsau hi aa,ZOO=Kei Zoomi ka hihi.(hih mun ah Awsau hi-iin,ih awsuah leh i at/gelh ong ki tuak thei pan zaw hi  cih a ki gen nuam zaw ih hihi.


(kiku lai…


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Top 25 People Who Changed the Internet Forever

Top 25 People Who Changed the Internet Forever

1. Sir Tim Berners-Lee – World Wide Web

2. Vint Cerf And Bob Kahn – TCP/IP

3. Larry Page and Sergey Brin – Google Inc.

4. David Filo and Jerry Yang – Yahoo! Inc.

5. Bill Gates – Microsoft

6. Steven Paul Jobs – Apple Inc.

7. Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook

8. Chad Hurley and Steve…


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Freedom in Christ Seminar, Florida by Dr. Chin Do Kham

Dr. Kham Seminar in Florida

Florida, Sarasota khua aa om American pawlpi mi 800 khawng a nei pawlpi ah tentan pia in, nipi ni 2 vei hunzang ding in Pasian' in Zomi pih Dr. Kham hong zatsak ahih man in, thungetna ah phawk ciat ni. …


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Myanmar Connection: Thousands of Zomi people moving to Tulsa from Myanmar

Zomi lomkhat in sunsim, zansim in anasepna uh ahi, Tulsa World newspaper publishing house ah laigelh minthang khat Kawlgam hong hawh in, Zogam dong hong paitohna thu leh late leh, limlah tuamtuamte tuni Tulsa (Saturday Newspaper) ah hong suaksak hi. A thugelhte nana sim ciat un. Zomi-te tulaitak i dinmun tampi mah zong hong gelhkhia hi.
A diakdiak in a link sung a om photo-te na en le uh cin i…

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Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg: Immigration and the knowledge economy


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Yangon a om Zomi aksipi nih in hong nusia leuleu

Tu ni 7 April ni-in, Pu Cin Za Mung in 4.30 AM in leitung hong nusia in, 9 APR ni 2PM in Yayway ah service tawh ki vui ding hi. 

Tu ni 7 APR ni mah 4.30 PM in Pu Zel Khaw Lian (Bo Zel Marn, Col. Pu Khen Za Moong' naupa) in hong nusia a 10 APR ni-in ki vui ding hi.

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