Adobe CS6 Master Collection Update by m0nkrus x86/x64 | 8.62 GB

Adobe Creative Suite 6 provides new insight into the development of digital media to provide excellent speed and coverage of an audience anywhere in the world. CS First applications are available on the cloud platform, Adobe Creative Cloud, providing flexibility to download and install at any time, as well as access to additional applications, new features and services as they become available.

Top new features to CS6 Master Collection:

Unlimited opportunities for creativity

Editing with Content-Aware Image in Photoshop Extended. Use an incredibly simple and precise image retouching tools in Adobe Photoshop ® Extended. Delete and move selected objects in the image using face recognition technology to fill the content, applying the patch, extend or modify the composition of the image - you'll be shocked by the result.
Simplified design of 3D in Photoshop Extended. Create expressive 3D-graphics became easier thanks to an intuitive context-exposure editing directly on the canvas. Drag and drop shadows, 3D-animate objects, apply effects sketches to 3D-objects. *
Intuitive tools to edit video in Photoshop Extended. Use effective tools for editing images for use with video. Handle clips, using the full set of familiar tools Photoshop, and then merge the videos and photos with transitions and sound effects.
Gallery of the effects of blur in Photoshop Extended. Easily create photo effects blur using a simple interface and easy management of images. Creation of the effects of tilt and shift, sharpening a single point of focus, as well as the use of different types of blur to a few points of focus.
Easy creation of vector patterns in Illustrator. It is easy to create a shared vector patterns in Adobe Illustrator ®. Feel free to experiment with different types of repetitive patterns that can be edited at any time to create the most flexible layouts.
Powerful mechanism for tracing images in Illustrator. Quickly and easily convert bitmaps into editable vector due to the effective mechanism of tracing in Illustrator. High precision lines, precision fit and reliable results - with simple, intuitive controls.
Gradients on strokes in Illustrator. Use gradients along the length, width, strokes, or directly within a stroke, completely controlling the layout and opacity of the gradient.
Video editing on a few cells in the Adobe Premiere Pro. It is easy to edit the material, taken more than 16 cameras, apply effects to multiple clips by adjustment layers, and quickly start working with color correction using the Three-Way Color Corrector in Adobe Premiere ® Pro.
Dynamic trimming on the timeline in Adobe Premiere Pro. Customize your projects with precision cutting tools in today's Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. Cut the clips directly on the timeline by pressing the keys on the keyboard or the Program monitor with keyboard shortcuts JKL.
Tools for image stabilization. Compensate unnecessary camera shake with the powerful features Warp Stabilizer in Adobe After Effects ® and Adobe Premiere Pro. Remove the bolt to compensate for the dynamic tilt and shake the camera without image stabilization performance.
Function of 3D-tracking cameras in After Effects. Keep track of objects in three dimensions, while maintaining the depth of field, shadows and reflections. Automatically analyze and locate the point 3D-tracking on two-dimensional material in the background.
Ray tracing, text, and an elongated shape in After Effects. Full ray tracing, text, and an elongated shape, the use of reflections, environment maps, and other functions.
Feather mask of variable width in After Effects. Create a separate set of splines for more precise control over the shading mask. Create more accurate figure, defining the softness of feather at any point of the edge of the mask that opens up tremendous opportunities for creativity.
Powerful color correction SpeedGrade. Control the color and lighting in the video with a powerful mechanism Lumetri ™ Deep Color Engine in Adobe SpeedGrade ™. Broad support for video formats, including RAW, HDR, and stereoscopic formats, allows the use of HDR-effects to the content of RAW and completed projects.

Create real masterpieces of the speed of thought

The mechanism of Adobe Mercury Graphics Engine in Photoshop Extended. Instant display of results with key editing tools, such as "plastic" and "deformation of the puppet." A new mechanism of Mercury Graphics Engine provides the highest application rate of the reaction for more convenient work. *
System Adobe Mercury Performance in Illustrator. Accurate, fast and extremely reliable tools allow you to work with large complex files with built-in support for 64-bit Mac OS and Windows ®, optimizing memory and performance of the system.
Global cache performance in After Effects. Perform more work in less time thanks to the support 64-bit computing. This is a revolutionary improvement allows for maximum use of computer hardware.
Engineered for FTP in Dreamweaver. Transfer large files faster with FTP protocol specifically designed to support multi-threading in Adobe Dreamweaver ®.
Built-in support for 64-bit Mac OS in Dreamweaver. Work on a Mac faster by optimizing the software for 64-bit operating systems, Mac.
Mechanism of Mercury Playback Engine in Adobe Premiere Pro. Outstanding performance 64-bit computing mechanism Adobe Mercury Playback Engine on desktops and laptops (additional support GPU). In Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 supports GPU based on OpenCL and configuration of the two GPU NVIDIA ® Maximus ™ in the MacBook Pro.
A new, modern interface. Use an elegant, intuitive user interface of Photoshop Extended CS6, Illustrator CS6 and Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 with advanced features. Use hundreds of advanced features for more convenient and fast work.
New and improved design tools in Photoshop Extended. Create stunning designs even faster in Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended consistent with the ability to format the text styles, vector layers with strokes, and gradients, custom strokes, dotted lines and other elements.
Accelerated, reversible cropping images in Photoshop Extended. Follow the crop with the most famous tool Photoshop Extended, which supports hardware acceleration and has a modern interface that allows you to edit directly on the canvas and see the results in real time.
Related content in InDesign. Communicate content that is contained in one or more documents Adobe InDesign ®; it will automatically apply the changes the parent of the text or objects related to all child objects. Even changing the interactive elements will be applied to the linked content.
Tools to collect the contents in InDesign. Extract text and objects from an existing layout using tools to gather content in InDesign. In the new layout, use the Content Placer to add and organize the elements on the page.
Efficient, quick edit video in Adobe Premiere Pro. Take advantage of powerful, flexible tools for non-linear editing in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, which allow you to create the most incredible projects. Edit virtually any type of media content in their original formats - from video shot on a mobile phone to format 5K and above.
The integration of After Effects and Illustrator. Instantly convert vector graphics, Illustrator (formats AI and EPS) figures in the layers of After Effects. It is easy to animate vector graphics to create 2D or 3D-objects by means of extrusion.
Removal of the dynamic gate in After Effects. Remove the dynamic gate in After Effects without image stabilization. The technology of a dynamic gate in the tool Warp Stabilizer provides precise control over the editing process.
Enhanced motion tracking in After Effects. Handle complex problems with the tracking of two-dimensional motion tracking in Mocha for After Effects CS6 (included, available in English only) from Imagineer Systems Ltd., Which now supports a tracking mask of variable width and contains a powerful plug-in figures Mocha.
Creating a sprite sheet in Flash Professional. Export your characters and the animation sequence of the Adobe Flash ® Professional for instant creation of sprite sheets CSS, which will improve the quality and performance of projects.
Tools for fast and accurate audio editing in Adobe Audition. Accelerate the process of editing audio with new and improved tools Adobe Audition ®. Improve the sound quality, easy to align and edit dialogue, change the pitch and playback speed, automate the processes of mixing and perform other functions.
Stretching clips in real time in Adobe Audition. Perform nondestructive stretching of audio clips in real time. Take a preview and change the settings, use visualization to get high quality results. It is easy to adjust pitch and playback speed mode varispeed.
Performance in real-time SpeedGrade. View changes in real time when creating and editing video projects footage. The mechanism Lumetri Deep Color Engine with support for 64-bit computing and GPU-accelerated features provides optimized performance regardless of the resolution and frame size.
Transferring footage and logging in the Prelude. Effective management of the preparation of files in Adobe Prelude CS6. Transferring files from almost any format and instant creation of logs with temporary markers with search capability, used in the final treatment, you can create projects more quickly sorted.
Using Adobe Story for writing scripts. Integrated tools for scripting and scheduling in Adobe Story can accelerate the process of creating video projects. Create metadata with a search for fast editing in Adobe Premiere Pro.
Automatic saving and restoring in Photoshop Extended. Use the autosave to save changes to files of any size, without detracting from progress. Automatic recovery can always be used in case of unexpected failure of the program.

Creating projects virtually anywhere

"Liquid layout" and "Alternative layout" in InDesign. It is easy to Design and create multiple versions of a layout in one file InDesign. Apply the rules of the "liquid" page for the automatic adaptation of content to the new alternative layouts that have a different size or orientation.
The use of "rubber" models (Fluid Grid Layouts) for devices in Dreamweaver. It is easy to create a design and develop content for mobile devices with the help of modern tools Dreamweaver CS6, including models based on CSS3, which dynamically scalable for all sizes of screens and form factors.
Supports the latest standards HTML5/CSS3. Take advantage of updated technology industry, implemented in Dreamweaver CS6, including CSS3 transitions to animate the change and support for WebKit.
Support for jQuery, and PhoneGap in Dreamweaver. Create expressive Web sites and applications for smart phones, tablet devices and desktops. Please use the integrated support for jQuery Mobile and Adobe PhoneGap ™ for more efficient operation of mobile applications.
Support various formats in Adobe Premiere Pro. Edit files from almost any format in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, including DV, HDV, RED, DPX, Sony XDCAM, XDCAM 50, XDCAM EX and XDCAM HD, Panasonic P2, DVCPRO HD, AVCHD, AVC-Intra and video DSLR-cameras .
PDF Forms in InDesign. Create form fields directly in InDesign before exporting to PDF; it allows to draw shapes as well as other elements of the layout.
The elements of the shared library in Fireworks. Create layouts and themes platforms iOS, Android and Web social networking sites with new patterns of mobile applications, modern characters and components of the overall library Adobe Fireworks ® CS6.
Support for mobile platforms and devices in Flash Professional. Create content in Flash Professional, optimized for a larger number of devices, with support for runtime Flash Player 11.2 and Adobe AIR ® 3.2, as well as support for new platforms, including Android, ™ iOS and digital home appliances Adobe.
Mobile applications based on a single code base to Flash Builder Premium. Adobe Flash Builder ® 4.6 Premium allows you to create desktop, mobile and web applications for various platforms even faster. Use common code base Flex or ActionScript ® to create applications for Android, ™ BlackBerry ® and iOS.
Integration with BusinessCatalyst. Use an integrated palette of Adobe Business Catalyst ® software to Dreamweaver to connect to and edit Web sites created in the Business Catalyst (sold separately). Create Web sites with e-commerce server solutions.

The composition of the package:
Adobe Flash Builder 4.6 (Russian and English)
Adobe Flash Pro CS6 (Russian and English)
Adobe Acrobat X Pro (Russian and English)
Adobe After Effects CS6 (English only)
Adobe Audition CS6 (English only)
Adobe Bridge CS6 (Russian and English)
Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 (Russian and English)
Adobe Encore CS6 (English only)
Adobe Fireworks CS6 (Russian and English)
Adobe Illustrator CS6 (Russian and English)
Adobe InDesign CS6 (Russian and English)
Adpbe Media Encoder CS6 (English only)
Adobe Photoshop CS6 (Russian and English)
Adobe Prelude CS6 (English only)
Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 (English only)
Adobe SpeedGrade CS6 (English only)
Additional content

Not all programs are Russian and the package it's official. That was then, and so it is now. Programs with English interface: After Effects, Audition, Encore, Premiere Pro, SpeedGrade

Advantages and disadvantages of a breakdown in the distribution 2xDVD5:
Source ESD-distribution was uniform and monolithic. But, since it does not fit on one DVD5-disc, had to be split into two parts. The integrity of the installer is not violated - such a mechanism is provided Adobe.
For those who are dissatisfied with the breakdown of the distribution Adobe CS6 Master Collection and would like to merge it back to give instructions on how to do it: the contents of the Adobe CS6 on the second disk merge into the same folder on the first replacement of the same name files, and then on the first drive on the open Notepad edit the file .. \ Adobe CS6 \ payloads \ Setup.xml and delete the line "CS6 Master Coll2". That's it!

List of changes:
Some of the original file is replaced by the installer patched (hacked PainteR), allowing the opportunity to integrate updates in the distribution.
From the original ESD-distribution, containing Russian language removed all other languages.
The distribution is in addition to the Russian language is added in a single installer english version of the product.
The distribution is integrated with an update for Adobe Premiere Pro to version 6.0.1.
The distribution is integrated with an update for Adobe After Effects to version 11.0.1.
The distribution is integrated with an update for Adobe Encore to version 6.0.1.
The distribution is integrated with an update for Adobe SpeedGrade to version 6.0.2.
The distribution integrirovan0 update for Adobe Prelude to version 1.0.1.
The distribution is integrated with an update for Adobe Flash Pro to version 12.0.1.
The distribution is integrated with an update for Adobe Dreamweaver up to version 12.0.1.
The distribution is integrated with an update for Adobe Acrobat X Pro to version 10.1.4.
The distribution is integrated with an update for the Adobe Media Encoder x86 to version 6.0.1.
The distribution is integrated with an update for the Adobe Media Encoder x64 to version 6.0.1.
The distribution is integrated with an update for Touch App Plugin x86 to version 1.0.1.
The distribution is integrated with an update for Touch App Plugin x64 to version 1.0.1.
The distribution is integrated with an update for Adobe DPS Desktop Tools to version
The distribution is integrated with an update for Adobe Extension Manager to version 6.0.2.
The distribution is integrated with Adobe Air update to version
The distribution is divided into two parts, the proportion Plural DVD5.
In the folder Crack (for convenience duplicated on both discs), there is a patch crack, to register Adobe CS6 Master Collection. Plus, there is an alternative method of activation, based on the substitution of the original files patched.
On the second disk added the official add. content for Premiere Pro, Encore and Illustrator / InDesign.
By kutsemu installer ESD-version added a menu similar to the Box-version. Made it in the image of the same menu for the Adobe CS4 Master Collection.

Instructions on how to activate:
On behalf of the administrator run the patch Check_Disable.cmd (right-click on the file and select from the drop down menu "Run as administrator").
Start the installation of Adobe CS6 Master Collection. In the Welcome window between full install and then install the trial version a full installation.
Run the crack Activation_Keygen.exe, Generate with the help of a key, enter it in the appropriate box Installer Adobe CS6 Master Collection and click "Next." Attention! Either do not close the keygen before the end of the installation and activation, or save it somewhere in the key - you still need it!

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