How to Choose the Best Field Service Management Software?

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Tips to choose the best field service management software. Read what 9 features to get in your next field service monitoring app to ensure efficiency in field tasks.

Having the best field service management software makes it easy for remote workers to complete their tasks timely and in a productive manner. With a field service monitoring app, your field staff prioritises tasks better, communicates with teams, applies attendance, and easily takes orders — while keeping you notified.

With so many options around, finding the best software for field service operations becomes an overwhelming choice. But not anymore, here are 9 features that you must look for while searching for need-based field service software. 

How to Choose the Best Field Service Management Software? Top Factors to Consider


  1. Field Job Allocation

The best software should allow managers to easily allocate daily and weekly tasks to all their field executives over a simple interface. Moreover, the app should have a notification feature that would inform field executives whenever any new task is added. An app should help prepare task sheets for each executive in real time.

And not just that, all tasks should be geo-coded. Meaning, that tasks should unlock only when the executive actually visits the field or client’s location. And in case there are any ad-hoc tasks, managers should be able to add them to field service operations software.


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  1. Attendance & Leave Management

The software should allow field executives to mark geo-coded attendance only when they are at the client site. This will help ensure the executives aren’t lying about their commute and have actually started their field service work.

On the other hand, managers should receive a notification whenever their employees reach the destination and mark their attendance. Also, the app should have a feature where executives can easily apply for leave and get instant approval from managers or check their leave quota.

  1. Order Management

The software should have a dedicated order management field where field executives can take orders to execute sales. With the option to add an elaborated product list and instant approval process, executives should easily be able to process order purchases.

  1. Distance Travelled Report

Field service software should be able to track every move and activity of their field staff through live GPS tracking functionality. Moreover, it should automatically prepare a comprehensive travel report of each executive depicting details like:

  • Total distance travelled

  • Quantity of completed tasks

  • Waypoints touched

  • Total time taken to complete the tasks

This feature should come with a playback option. Meaning, that the managers should be able to play the report again and again if they want to review the crucial information about their executives.

  1. Custom Forms and Fields

The best field service software should allow managers to create custom forms and fields for their executives. The custom forms could be about customer details, task specs, customer feedback forms, order specifications, and any other custom feature. This feature in the field service monitoring app will help save paper piles and let executives process tasks digitally swiftly.


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  1. Battery & Network Status

Many times what happens is that field executives may turn up with the excuse that their battery died and that’s why they couldn’t reach the site or follow up with their appointment. But it’s hard to actually identify whether they are telling the truth or have put their phone on airplane mode.

Field staff management software should provide real-time status of mobile batteries and a network of field executives. This way managers will know when their executives are lying or when not.

Also, the best field service monitoring app software should offer the option where managers can easily fetch reports in offline or no-network zones.

  1. Expense Management

The app should offer an option where field executives can attach the receipts or invoices of the expenses incurred by them. Managers should be able to compile those receipts and process reimbursements. This feature will bring transparency between managers and field staff and keep them updated about the process of their claims.

  1. Code Scanner for PoD

The right field force management software should offer features or capabilities where executives can generate and upload delivery proofs. It must come with a barcode or QR code scanner that could help verify delivery for the customers.

  1. In-built Chat

Choose a field service app that comes integrated with an in-built chat option to let delivery teams and customers connect seamlessly. If the executive has any query or the customer wants to contact, having a chat option will help suffice that.


Final Takeaway!

Rest apart, field service management software should be need-specific. It should have features and settings that are flexible, scalable, and according to the problem statements of the field service operations.

TrackoField can help you with custom field service management software solutions that are easy to deploy and helpful in raising the productivity bar.

Read Blog: How to Choose the Best Field Service Management Software?