Fastest OSRS Gold Guide

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Where Is The Best Place To Get Old School Runescape Gold

Fletching is a great way to buy rs gold and you can do a number of them while you are semi- AFK or watching a film, or you could do it while working on another skill at the exact same at the same time.


Everything you require to know about will be addressed in the book, so let's dive right in.


Fletching materials

You can utilize a variety of resources to earn Fletching an hour of xp, and sell osrs gold!



In the article, we will discuss how to combine the materials to make bows. This is a great method to earn money.


Bow strings can be bought at GE at a fair price or made with craft.


Check out our 1-99 Crafting guide here. Also, check out our crafting Money making guide here!


These are better when they are bought in bulk from the GE as it will save you money and time.


because they are used to make Bows which are generally the most profitable!


Crossbow, Toxic Blowpipe, Ballistae and Battlestaff materials

Fletching Crossbows are sometimes an efficient method for Fletching however, they are not utilized in the same way.


Important: Be sure to check the prices of all items prior to making a purchase, as prices can change and you could be losing funds.


Crossbow money making

When you reach level 61 and are able to string the Adamant Crossbow This is the only way that you can earn GP from Fletching Crossbows.


It's the only crossbow that's worth the price. Some crossbows can make you pay for it.


You can earn an average of 118 GP each time you strung your Crossbow.


Making Toxic Blowpipes

To make toxic blowpipes you must be at least level 53 or higher in Fletching. You can make many of them with this method.


This technique will require a significant amount of money, and you'll need to buy some GP to complete the process. It's worth it.


The average is 9,590 GBP for each Toxic blowpipe which is very nice. The problem is that you'll not be able sell a lot at once and will probably have to put off the sales for a while.


We'll discuss less investment methods in the second section of this guide that can earn you 500k or more GP an hour.


Making arrows or shields, for the most part isn't a good idea.


The only difference is that you can make money through Fletching Broad bolts.


You'll require 300 Slayer points and Fletching level 52 in order to make the Broad Bolts.


You will have to spend 300 Slayer points to gain access to the Broader Fletching ability, then you can make Broad bolts, and sell these to the Grand Exchange for a nice revenue.


This is our guide to 1-99 Slayers.


There's always demand for broad bolts on the GE since it's used in the train Slayer.


Methods to make money

In order to make it easier for you, I've calculated how much you can earn from each method, and how to do it. This requires a modest amount of money.


Some methods are completely AFK, but can make you 300k to 400k GP an hour.


The majority of Fletching occurs near the Grand Exchange or the Bank, where you can buy the materials you need if you run out.


Stringing Shortbows amp; Longbows

It is necessary to have a knife and logs to make bows.


Here's a chart that will simplify your task to select the Bow you'll need at each level.


It's more beneficial to flutch bows as it's more AFK, but you will get less. You can make a lot more money if you combine the two methods.


Click on the Knife you have and then place it on the Log of preference, to begin fletching any Bow you'd like.


Stringing Bows (Semi-AFK)

It's much cheaper to purchase unstringed bows then string them with Bow String. This method is also not as time-consuming.


If you're interested in knowing how to swiftly progress to higher levels, check out our article on how to go from 1-99 Fletching.


Any stringing that is lower than this is not a good idea.


It's possible to string 2,400 Bows an hour. If you take the Yew Longbow as an example you can earn 280,800 GP per hour.


Magic Longbows can be used to generate 400k GP an hour after you reach 85.


It's simple to apply this method since you just need to press twice every 45 seconds and hit the spacebar.


It can be done efficiently by putting the number of untrung Bows as well as the Bow string value for withdrawal on an X in the bank for it to be simple to deposit money and withdraw funds.


Cut gems into Bolt tips (AFK)

This is a method that will make you some cash simply by stepping into the bank.


This won't give you lots of XP However, you'll earn lots of money.


Earn GP by using your Chisel to cut Gems at the Grand Exchange.


It is possible to start earning money even at a very low Fletching level.


Find the gems you'd like in bulk, arrange your bank for maximum efficiency You can then use a chisel and you're all set.


This technique can be utilized with many gemstones. You can earn more money from buying or selling gems once it is the right time.


I have made some Ruby Bolt tips and made some nice profits.


One nut gives you 12 bolt tips.


I spent 987 GP for an Ruby amp; made 1,164 GP back, earning a profit of 177 GP per transaction.


Inventory takes about a minute to create, so you can effortlessly do this while you are AFK.


You can earn 257k in GP an hour by making bolt tips from Rubies amp; you can make more if leaving your buy and sell offers overnight. That's why you might require more GP.


This is an awesome AFK method of earning money, you can do this by using your mobile phone while watching a movie. Who doesn't enjoy making money while paying less attention?


Making Tipped Dragon Bolts (Best GP Per Hour in the world with Fletching)

This method maybe be time-consuming and require some money to get started however, it's worth it.


At level 84 Fletching you will gain enough knowledge to tip Bolts. Dragon bolts can be tipped using any tip of a Bolt, with the exception for Barbed and Amethyst.


The moment is now, Red Topaz and Pearl give the highest GP per bolt. This is accomplished by sitting on the bank.


It's more difficult since you must click 10 times at a time. But Dragonstone-tipped bolts will be always in demand, so you won't need to fret.

With just one click, you can generate just one click to earn 1,590 GP You can repeat the process after you have got enough gold. Explore various methods and bolts to find the one that works best for you.